After using Git for a few months with GitHub, I am finally loving it and setup Git server using IIS 7 and git-dot-aspx. I finally feel the force is with me now.

Source control is more important and more complicated I thought many years ago. Over the years of programming, I understand more about it. I used cvs, vss, svn, tfs and now finally Git. I have seen many other people's discussions of version control, I also have many discussion with other people. But the views are so different, it is like for a Christian to convince an atheist to believe there is a god. How can you explain someone who love single checkout in vss that multi checkout is better in vss, how can you explain someone who love vss that svn is better, and how can you explain to someone who love svn that Git is the best. I have seen a IT manager said that "I never seen enterprise software can been successfully implemented without exclusive checkout". It is not worthy for such kind of discussion. But semantics remains the same, we just try to get a tool to satisfy our need, make our work more productive, make us in control. But if we don't have that kind of need, or we don't know there is such kind need, or we don't have time to need, it is very hard to accept some new concept. Git is specially designed to make you feel less intelligent than you think you were. Learn it.