Nov 23, 2008

Make changes to your working copy

There are two kinds of changes to your working copy. File content changes and tree changes. File change is changing the content of a source controlled file. It is tree changes to rename a file, move a file, add a file, delete a file, rename a directory, move a directory, create a directory, delete a directory.

You don't need to tell subversion that you intend to change a file, jsut make your changes using your text editor, word processor, graphics program, or whatever tool you would nor- mally use. Subversion automatically detects which files have been changed, and in addi- tion, it handles binary files just as easily as it handles text files—and just as efficiently, too.

For tree changes, you can ask Subversion to “mark” files and directories for scheduled removal, addition, copying, or moving. These changes may take place immediately in your working copy, but no additions or removals will happen in the repository until you commit them.

The Subversion commands that you will use here are svn add, svn delete, svn copy, svn move, and svn mkdir.

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