Sep 2, 2008

Page Layouts

What is page layouts. Let's see how page is used. First page layout is used to create page just like the Web Page template. But it has one more benefit "Field Control". Page Layout is inherit from Page directly or indirectly. To create a Page Layout you need to create a content type first, the parent content type of this content type is Page. Then you can add more column to this content type. Then you create Page layout based on the content type you just created, and the columns of that content type becomes field controls. You can add field controls to the page layout, you can add webpart zone the page layout. When creating page, you create page out of page layout instead of WebPart Page.

age layouts have a special relationship with contetn types within a publishing site. Each page layout must be associated with exactly one content type. This content type must inherit from the Page content found in the Publishing Content Types group. This content types may have fields(columns) , it may also have a special workflow associated with in defining a special approval process for the press release.

Keep in mind that content type only defines the schema and rules for the type of content; it does not address the presentation in any way. This is where page layouts come into play. Page layouts, when combined with a master page, define the rendering/look and feel of a requested page. In addition, developers can associate multiple page layouts iwth a single content type to give content owners the utmost control in selecting different rendering options for a particular page type.

Moreover, content owners are not restricted to the page layout that is selected at the time of page creation. At any point in the future, even after the page has been published, a content owner can edit the page and chage the selected page layout. The only limitation is that the only page layouts availabe are those associated with the content type selected when the page was created.

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