Sep 2, 2008

Deploy web part

1. Deploy the assembly containing the web part class to the site's hosting web application's bin folder or server's GAC

2. Add a entry to the site's hosting web application's web web.config, telling sharepoint the control has been approved to run in sharepoint sites hosted within that web application

3. Deploy any resource file used by web part.

4. Make web part discoverable within SharePoint so users can add it to SharePoint Pages within sites. A web Part defintion file must exist in one of two places: the web part gallery in a top-level site of of a site collection or the \wpcatalog folder, all sites iwth in all site collections iwthin the web application will have acess to the web part. However, if it is added to the web part gallery, a specail document library in the op-level site of a site collection, only the sites iwthin that site collection will be able to add web part to their pages.

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