Aug 27, 2007

We don't need magic.

Today, a coworker of another team needed to read the code of my team. He found a class called MagicObject. After tracing for a while, he still couldn't figure it out why it exists. So he asked me, what the hell this class is for? Although, I know its purpose, and I know who wrote it, I said: "If you can understand magic, that is not magic, its existence is to confuse people." If fact, this is the habit of those "creative" programmer. Code is not only a tool for coder to communicate with computer, but it is tool to communicate to your team member, if it is so secret so magic, shouldn't it be locked, and never be viewed? In fact, the job of programmer is to demystify your design via code. I have to say, Let the magic go to hell.

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