Feb 17, 2009

Using vs.net database edition

  1. Create Project -> Database Projects -> Microsoft Sql Server -> Sql server 2005. It will create create a cache database [project_name]._[GUID]
  2. Build. It will generate [project_folder]\sql\*.dbmeta, *.sql file
  3. Deploy. It will create database in the name of project. This database is known as Target Database. The deployment deploy the change between the cache database and the target database to target database. The target database is normally local the developer, so developer can have local integration test. We should not use shared development database or integration database as target database for development. They are for integration test.

Feb 6, 2009

Customize SharePoint content page with control

Sharepoint content page can be loaded with custom control, web part and user control. In uncustomized page mode, there is no special requirement for these control. In customized mode, there are some security restriction, they need to be declare as safe control in web.config file. To declare a user control to be safe control, we need to use following syntax in web.config