Dec 1, 2008

Deploy a custom master template


protected void cmdApplyCustomBrand_Click(object sender, EventArgs e) {
  SPWeb site = SPContext.Current.Site.RootWeb
  string MasterUrlPath = site.ServerRelativeUrl;
  if (!MasterUrlPath.EndsWith(@"/"))
    MasterUrlPath += @"/";
  MasterUrlPath += @"_catalogs/masterpage/Litware.master";
  ApplyCustomBrand(MasterUrlPath, site);

protected void ApplyCustomBrand(string MasterUrlPath, SPWeb site) {
  site.MasterUrl = MasterUrlPath;
  // use recusion to update all child sites in site collection
  foreach (SPWeb child in site.Webs) {
    ApplyCustomBrand(MasterUrlPath, child);

However, the ApplyCustomBrand method has also been written to enumerate through all child sites below the top-level site and recursively call itself to update them. This recursion continues to crawl the hierarchy of child sites until the MasterUrl property of every site within the site collection is updated to redirect all site pages so that they link to the instance of litware.master that is provisioned in the Master Page gallery of the top-level site.

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