Jan 29, 2008

Property vs Method

  • If a property accessor has abserable side effects, implment a method instead of a property.
  • If the implementation of a property is considerably more expensive than that of a field, implementation a method instead. When you expose a property, you suggest to users that making frequent calls to it is acceptable. When you implement a method, you suggest to users that they save an reuse a returned value if they repeately need it.
  • If some properties require a user to set them in a predefined order, implement those properties as methods. In general, you should design your components so that properties can be set in any order.
  • If you need a write-only property, implement a method instead.

Jan 20, 2008

sharepoint user infomation list

The user information list is located at the root of site collection/_catalogs/users/detail.aspx . When a site under the site collection is has added a user, or a list reference a user, that user is imported in the user information list. Please know that the user information list not the same as user table in the authentication system like active directory. There might be one thousand of user in the active directory, but there might be a 10 user in the user information list.

Configuring Anonymous Access in moss 2007

Before you can configure a site to allow anonymous access, the associated web application must have anonymous access enabled through central administration. If the web application is set through central administration to allow anonymous access, you can control what parts of your site are new visible to anonymous users. Once the web application is configured for anonymous access, you can return to Permissions page of the site.

You can select Setting Settings -> Advanced Permission -> Settings -> Anonymous Access entire site/all lists/nothing at all. Additionally, you can control the visibility of an individual lists or library through its permission settings. To do this, go to the lists, Settings -> Anonymous access - > Add Items/Edit Items/Delete Items/View Items. This combination of site-level and list level configuration gives you a good deal of control over what parts of the site can be accessed anonymously.